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Peter Pan



In a brand new adaptation of J. M. Barrie’s novel of Peter Pan themes of freedom, identity and childhood are explored through the eyes of Palestinian youth. A group of young people band together in a world of danger and violence where stability and safety do not exist. Together they build a haven of freedom where they make their own rules and where their imaginations can run wild. In this new world they play, create and explore the happiness of childhood. However the reality of where they are from is forever looming, constantly threatening to shatter the bubble they have built. As their world begins to be falling to pieces this production asks the question, can innocence of youth prevail against a grown world of danger and violence?

Training Mask


The project includes two component .

1.Training Young People for making Puppet.

2. The professional puppet performance " Windows"

Joha Play and tour in India



A story of Joha and his donkey, Jaljal; time travellers who arrive from the past, arrived to Jenin City, his donkey was taken by Israeli soldiers and bombed, Joha will update of the modern life, tells his own stories in the past and made comparison between his life and the modern time. Using imagination and humor, Joha pokes fun at the modern state of the Arab world. Though astute comedic narration and wry criticism, the storyteller discover how the Arab world has changed and then he decides to get back to the past.

Joha play was presented in India in 2016.

Joha is a famous character in the Arab literature, known for his hilarity and eccentric ways. Appearing across cultures, his character has been adapted to different settings and audiences, however the essence of his spirit remains distinct. His wit, ridiculous behavior, and unique costume make him instantly recognizable.


Act for Change

Act for Change

The project consists two activities 


Drama Therapy and Drama Activities Workshops

Fragments is still working to offer the children to come and create their own stories and give the space to express about themselves freely.

Video Therapy workshops with young people

Fragments Theatre is working to continue filmmaking workshops  with young people, the group finished the first level and will work for advanced level.

Comedy Club


Fragments Theatre opened the first  Comedy Club in Palestine 


The project is built up on numerous stand-up    comedy workshops which teach the participants where to obtain material from     and how to write their own stories. This will be done through the     following activities

- Brainstorming of ideas and practical writing exercises (learning about the golden rules of comedy and joke structure, writing prompts)

- Learning how professional comics deconstruct comedy by watching and discussing current comedians (Adi Khalifa – one of Palestine’s lead stand up comedians)

- Editing and performingmaterial written

- Microphone and performance technique

Youth for Change


Youth for Change is a project in partnership with Theatre of Oppressed in Casablanca, Morocco  for training young people for combined circus and drama workshop to create a street theatre performance from their own stories.

The participants created a Madman show and it was toured in Morocco, in addition Fragments Theatre conducted a street theatre.

The tour in Morocco coordinated by Cultural Center Bani Melal.

The project was supported by European Union through South Med CV.